Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fit Friday - the great reveal

Wow, here we are. Time for The Reveal.

What idiot said we had to post pictures today??? Ugh. Because according the the scale at the Y, I have gained back every dumb pound I lost, minus maybe one.

Okay, here I go.


And I felt really bad about it. Until I looked at this one from when we started in October:

And there is a definite improvement. No one asks me when the baby is due anymore.
And so I feel a little better about myself.

Until I look at this one that a friend recently posted on facebook from New Years Eve 2003 .

And then I feel like slitting my wrists. Or my tummy. Why didn't I just ask Santa for a little lipo for Christmas??

That was four months after I gave birth, by the way. And I was pregnant, although I did not know it yet. (I think Eva Rose got her first champagne that night.)

So, one thing is perfectly obvious. It's the kids' fault.

Obviously, I do not win my own gift card by a longshot. But y'all leave your links here, with all your stats. If you think you are a winner, SELL YOURSELF girl. Work it. A pair of shoes at Target is resting on it.

Some of y'all have asked if we can keep Fit Fridays going. YES. Obviously I need to and I am still 496,382 Fitlinxx points away from my free massage.

But we kind of need a new name, so if anyone can think of one, leave a comment or email me. I am too depressed to think up one myself right now.

Next week, we can start over with our new goals et cetera.

So how'd y'all do?

** Because I haven't heard from a lot of y'all, I am going to leave this up for a couple more days.


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