Friday, January 23, 2009

Girls Night Inside Out

Now, I have traveled across the country and across the state for a little estrogen companionship of the Jesus Bloggy type. So when Proverbs 31 Ministries had a shindig just a short drive in my minivan away, I was pret-ty thrilled.

I had already planned to go to this, to see Lysa and Renee, wonderful speakers whom I have already been blessed enough to see at She Speaks, and hear Ayiesha Woods, whose CD I gave away here not long ago and Jason Catron, who my son now thinks is way cool (more on that later.) And, bonus, Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8. We love that show. We, as in, even Walker will wander onto a girly channel like TLC to watch a show about someone whose life is more chaotic than our own.

But then on Tuesday, I received an email from Linda. She said that she and "another blogger" would be coming to Houston to this event, depending on how far I lived from the airport, could they sleep in my twin beds surrounded by stuffed animals and matchbox cars?

Linda and I have emailed enough in the past that I was 95% sure she was not a pyscho. But Mystery Blogger #2? I hesitantly agreed while wondering if I was making a decision that might end us up on the evening news. Who was Blogger #2?

My fears were confirmed! Linda emailed me back and said that Blogger #2 was none other than this RAVING LUNATIC!!

I have not been so excited about a slumber party since my tenth birthday. Too bad we were so incredibly exhausted after a very long evening (Proverbs 31 makes sure you get your money's worth.) By midnight we could only stare bleary eyed at each other over Diet Cokes and Whataburger Taquitos, so we canceled Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board, nor we did not wrap even one boy's house in toilet paper.

The event was great, of course. I saw old friends and got to meet fun new bloggers for the first time:

(You know, y'all, I am not short in my own brain. In my mind's eye, I am about 5'6. Then I see a picture like that, and good grief, did I descend from Pygmies?? I've had this body my whole life, yet, the shock never ends.)

Let me name drop a bit now, as I am getting so good at it. These tall ladies would be:

Lindsay from A New Life. She is a new blogger who needs to keep it up - she's so got the gift. And the picture at the top of her blog is SO CUTE.
Paula from Wrinkled Shirts, who has a very cute blog with lots of giveaways (hint hint)
Sandy from God Speaks Today. Sandy and I have just recently fallen in blog love and did very girly squeals of surprise to see each other. I wish she lived in Houston not only because she is precious but also because then she might let me borrow that green sweater dress.
Me in a stunning purple paisley shift dress. Hold on to that thought.
Vern, whom I mentioned before earned 37 jewels in her crown when she sat next to the most obnoxious man ever to fly coach. Like, he should be on the Master Terrorist List because listening to Donald Duck impersonations cross country could lead fellow passengers to acts of desperation.
Renee Swope, who is just very cool and sweet. I am mindlessly fiddling with the button on the back of her jacket as this and 32 other identical photos were being taken. Renee, I hope I did not weird you out.
Linda from Mocha with Linda, fellow Texan and girlz from the hood. As in, we grew up in the same part of formerly-nice-now-kinda-scary Houston. Linda is as wonderful IRL as she is on her blog. And she left me a giftcard to Starbucks. For a mocha. (get it? love it.)
Lysa TerKeurst, who is, well, Lysa TerKeurst. If y'all have not heard her adoption story, get your Kleenex and go (maybe I've mentioned I love adoption and anyone who adopts?) And her testimony is on Focus on the Family right now, which caused me to burn 500 calories on the elliptical because I could not stop listening. It's good for the soul and the cellulite.
Lisa, Blogger #2, whom I love so much. And who slept on what I noticed this morning was a very lopsided mattress. And who, with Linda, had to wake up at an obscene hour so that she could catch a 7am flight and was nice enough to leave me drooling in my warm bed.
Melanie, whom y'all might have heard of. Since she and I share the same state I am being blessed to see her pretty regularly. And I am so glad she did not catch her hair on fire the next morning, because Mel has really good hair.

This is me and Lisa, taking a break from our discussion of the Blog Guilt we carry daily from not reading enough blogs.

I even sit short.

Ok. The dress.

My favorite store is Banana Republic, therefore, for every birthday etc, Walker gives me a Banana Republic gift card. For several years, I would get pregnant before I could use it. Then Christmas would roll around, and my mother-in-law would give me one. Then I would get pregnant...long story short, I have accumulated a TON of gift cards for Banana. I feel rich. It's quite heavenly.

I have been hoarding them until I lost the Ike weight and thanks to our Fit Friday checkins, I went shopping recently and caught a sale. And got this silk paisley shift dress. A dress which makes me feel quite pretty, with my black leggings and cool green necklace. So I wore it yesterday.

This week has been beyond exhausting for a variety of reasons, so I took a little power nap before the event last night. I slipped off my silk paisley shift dress so that, well, it wouldn't look like I slept in it. Then I slipped it back on.


So. Later. I'm at the event, talking to Lisa and Linda and Mel and Amanda, whom I also got to meet for the first time (and who so does NOT look like she is about to pop out a baby any minute. I look like her before I even take a pregnancy test.) So, at an intermission, I'm sitting chatting, and since Renee was not next to me, I fiddled with the hem on the seam of my own dress, which in retrospect should have been a sign.

Suddenly Linda leaned in and looked at me with one of those looks. The ones you get when someone is about to deliver very bad fashion news to you, along the lines of flies unzipped or skirts tucked in pantyhose. Or, if you're wearing white shoes after Labor Day (winks to Lysa.) My heart held still as she looked into my eyes and announced:

Missy. Your dress is on inside out.

Yes. Yessssssss.

My pretty silk paisley shift dress. Backwards.

Now when Melanie posts on Fashion Friday that wearing clothes inside out is all the rage, I just want you to remember where it started.

(And how glad was I that my tag said Banana Republic and not Faded Glory?)


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