Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soon you too will be blue, Pinky

Maggie has a habit of choosing one toy and becoming very attached to it. Said toy will go with her to school, to every meal, and snuggle with her all night long. It waits for her on the floor outside the tub. They are inseparable and should she lose it, uh oh. The entire world is put on hold until her BFF is found.

For, about three weeks. Then, as quickly as she fell in love, she kicks it to the curb. No tears. No closure. No promises to stay friends. Just, next.

I prophesy an interesting adolescence.

Her latest love, a little backpack that came filled with McDonald's toy food, lasted a good month, which I believe is a record. I think it is because Maggie believes that the golden arches spell "Maggie." She lays claim to every McDonald's we pass as her own (if only that were true, then you could go out of state to college, Mags!) So the backpack was dearly beloved and worn everywhere until she just woke up one morning last week and adios, a-bolsa.

I had noticed that her heart had grown cold towards Micky D and last night when it was time for bed, she began asking "Where Pinky? I need Pinky! Where Pinky?" Problem was I had no idea who Pinky was.

Eva Rose, Maggie's designated interpreter, was just as mystified. We held up any obvious suspects: the pink blanket? No! Pink teddy? No! Pink dolly? Noooooo! Maggie looked in the playroom for Pinky and the bathroom for Pinky, to no avail. The tears commenced.

Now there are quite a few pink items in this house and it was getting late. Finally I convinced her that we would find Pinky tomorrow, and poor Maggie went to bed alone. And so did Pinky. Somewhere.

This afternoon, I heard Maggie cry triumphantly, "Pinky! Here Pinky! I find Pinky! Yeaaaaa!!"

I hurried to see who Pinky was.

Hmmm. "That's Pinky?" I asked. "Yaaaaaaaaaa!" she cried and did a little happy dance around the kitchen.

"Look, Eva Rose. Maggie found Pinky."

Eva Rose looked. "That's weird."

I agreed.

Meet Pinky:

(Obviously it was a pyjama day.)

Welcome to the family, "Pinky". But don't get too comfortable. Your new girlfriend has a serious fear of commitment.


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