Thursday, January 29, 2009

But hang on to those big silver earrings, you never know when they might come back

My dear friend Beth did a post on her blog last week inviting us to write a letter to our 20 year old self. I am a little bit late, but here goes:

Dear Missy,

This is Missy, you, in eighteen years when you are REALLY old. Even though you are twenty and you already know everything, I just want to share a thing or fifteen with you.

1. I know you think the sun rises and sets on Eric McConnell, but believe me, it does not. Oh, it SO does not. You do NOT want to marry him. In about seven years you are going to run into him at a beer festival in downtown Houston and find out he got his girlfriend pregnant. And then you will turn to Rosann (you'll be friends with her forever) and say, "I SWEAR he was cute in college. I SWEAR." And she will say, "Oh, I'm sure he was, yeah" with a skeptical look on her face. Later you will not even want to be his facebook friend! (Facebook is this computer thing that is too hard to explain but trust me, you are glad it is not invented yet because you have enough trouble studying as it is.) Anyway. Eric. Yes. He's the devil. Really. Go ahead and break up with him now because he is about to cheat on you with a blond high school senior and you will subsequently spend the entire summer on your mom's couch crying, eating Cool Ranch Doritos, and watching Bewitched reruns. Get out now. Run. RUN!!!!!

2. Missy, we really need to talk about your grades. You are in college to STUDY. Not to play computer solitaire, not to lay out at Barton Creek, not to go to Sixth Street with your friends, not to sleep. To STUDY. You probably won't want to go to grad school but at the rate you are going, it won't even be an option. Try and keep your options open girl. Crack open a book sometime.

3. There are a few girls who are gonna ask you to be bridesmaids in their weddings. Come up with some excuse and just say no. You will drop $500 on the dress and the showers and then once they get married, you will never see them again. And you won't even care.

4. Speaking of weddings, you are not getting married until you are 32. Quit screaming. Seriously, now, you're not going to slit your wrists. Please. It's not the end of the world. In fact, it is going to be your greatest blessing. So, just try and enjoy your 20s and quit going for the gold, okay? It ain't happening.

5. Enjoy your body. It will soon droop and sag in ways you never believed possible.

6. Go and get a wire coat hanger and wrap it around the bumper of that sexy '87 Chevette you are driving. You're gonna be locking yourself out of your car a lot so make like a boy scout and be prepared.

7. Find a BSF class and go join it ASAP. It's gonna change your life in a few years, and honey, the sooner the better.

8. I know someone told you that Campus Crusade were a bunch of weirdo bible thumpers, but they are really nice. You should check them out for yourself. Never know, you might end up a weirdo bible thumper yourself one day.

9. Cole Haan driver shoes will not always be in style. Hard to believe, huh?

10. Banana Republic and the Gap are going to get much more fashionable (and much more expensive.) Then you'll just buy your t-shirts at Target. And in 2009, Harold Powell will go under. It's crazy times ahead.

11. That new invention, CDs? That you play on your brand new gigantic CD player? In twenty years, you will have all your music on a teeny tiny little computer called an iPod and listen to it through little bitty speakers. But you and your husband will still frequently refer to it as a Walkman. (And no, his name is not Eric. Eric's a jerk. What'd I say? RUN.)

12. Speaking of men to run from, don't vote for Clinton. (If you do, future husband not named Eric will tease you mercilessly.)

13. Some girls just do better living alone than with a roommate. You are one of those girls.

14. Mostly, little girl. You need to quit trying to find your sense of self worth in boys. They are so unworthy of your heart. And even if they were worthy, they are too young to even know what to do with it. Please seek Christ - he is the only Man that you need. Please. You will save us both a lot of trouble if you can decide now that Jesus is better than a boyfriend. The Lord has already written down every day of your life in his book - learn to sit back and enjoy the show. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be better than you ever dreamed.

15. You were right, you really don't need algebra.

Love, Missy

It's not too late to join - what would you say to your 20 year old self? Link up at Beth's!


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