Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please, please, please pray for Lily

I received this email this morning - please pray for sweet Lily!!

It was a rough day for Lauren and John. Lily Margaret had a bronchial spasm this morning that sent her sats plummeting. Even the optimistic nurse all but told them to say their goodbyes. Lauren said it felt like her heart was in a washing machine many emotions and stress throughout the day. They sobbed and prayed at the foot of Lily Margaret's bed. The day ended on a more positive note....the sats slowly came back up. At the day's end they were in the 90%'s, and the physicians seemed much more hopeful. Lauren said that right when you feel like you're going to get through it, God puts you back in that position of dependency. There are so many questions! Why? How long? Will she make it? Will she come through this unscathed by oxygen deficiency? Please pray for strength, peace, and trust for Lauren and John. Please pray for healing for Lily Margaret.


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