Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spectacular Sins Book Study

January 19 is the date that we have chosen for us to start the Spectacular Sins book study. I told y'all before, you can go thru my little Amazon store button right up there to order it (and I get a wee little kickback...baby Momma needs some new shoes!)

My sweet friend Lisa will be spearheading this, and her blog will be the headquarters. I work for her. If you don't read Lisa's blog The Preacher's Wife, you should. She's fabulous and hysterical. I wish she were married to my preacher. Even though he's already married and that would be polygamy and the feds might get called and send their kids to foster care for months before deciding it was a big mess...but I digress. (Did I ever mention we tried to be foster parents for one of those FLDS kids? Oh, we were jonesing for an FLDS kid. I went to a seminar and everything.) Anyway. Where was I?

Oh yes. Go to Lisa's blog and register here so we will know how many people are going to join us. She has a post explaining how it is going to work.

This book is wonderful. John Piper is so brilliant but so readable and has packed so much into 128 pages. Please join us in studying God's word!


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