Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preach on, little sister

Thank you for all your sweet comments. Really.

And now because I am very tired, still a little maudlin, AND I have to clean my house before the housekeeper comes - which is as pathetic a phrase as ever was uttered - I shall leave you with a youtube.

I might have mentioned once or twenty that I have a strong willed daughter. Some wise mothers who have been-there-done-that have encouraged me by saying it is GOOD for a child to be strong willed, especially in this day in age. We as mothers just have to learn to direct that will.

Walker sent this to me yesterday, and when I saw it, I thought two point five things. Number one, how amazing is this little woman. Number two, I see a little Eva Rose in there. Number two point five, I bet you anything this chica gave her mom a run for her money when she was in preschool!!



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