Sunday, February 1, 2009

This is something like my 500th post.

And to commemorate the momentous occasion, I got nothing. Seriously. I am drawing up a big bloggy blank.

The only thing even remotely exciting to happen to us this weekend is we are pretty sure our car got sprayed by a skunk at the park on Saturday. After thinking that a gigantic sewage monster had attacked our neck of Houston, we finally realized that, hmm. We were the only ones smelling. So either a ticked off skunk has a vendetta against minivans, or there is a really, really scary diaper hidden somewhere under one of the carseats.

Please, oh please let it be a skunk.

Yet since I can't seem to pull that experience into an entire blog post, I will say that today is a perfect day for:

a delurking post.

Oh, invisible friends, can you just show your faces for one day? Then you can go back to your lurkdom.

I have had a couple of you delurk lately and I have clicked on your blogs and you were fabulous!! You were! I was honored to meet you! So, two down, around 500 to go!

Come out come out where ever you are!


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