Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whine connoisseurs

It’s 6:24am and I have just given my infant son his bottle. I gaze into his little round face, get in one last snuggle and sniff before I lay him back down, when a thought passes through my drowsy brain: He never ever said thank you?

Not once!

No “thanks Mommy for getting up with me every hour on the hour to pop my pacifier back in my mouth since 3:30 this morning.” No “thanks for interrupting your dreams at 6 to make my favorite breakfast.” Occasionally I might get a smile or a coo, but this morning, not even that. In fact, he is fussing at me right now.

Please click over to the Internet Cafe to read the rest of this devotional. Also - I originally wrote this a year ago, when Ike was new. He's the four month old. I'm not hiding a kid from you. :)


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