Monday, March 23, 2009

Everything you always wanted to know about parenting but were too overwhelmed and exhausted to remember to ask

Y'all enjoyed the advice from other moms so much during our "Older wink wink Mom" carnival, and the sense of community was so sweet, that it got my brain a-churnin. I have an idea that you might want to play along with.

On Friday, I am going to do another Mr. Linky with a question involving parenting. I am not sure just how this will play out, how often (I am telling you, I cannot stand the pressure of a regular blog feature. Fit Fridays just about sent me into anxiety attacks. Really. So it will not be regular regular. It will be spontaneous. The same way I do everything, from cooking dinner to conceiving children.)

(Could I ramble a little more? It's late. And I just got back from a fairly deep bible study.)

(As opposed to a shallow bible study. Do those exist?)

(Ok, speaking of. Can I tell you how DISAPPOINTED I was to see the Osteens on my surrogate grandparents' TV show today?? Oh, girl, don't get me started.)

(This is what is called Webbing. We learned that in the Love & Respect conference. It is when women jump from topic to topic and don't get to the point. Men don't do that and tend to hate it when we do. My ribs were just about bruised from you-know-who's elbows during that part of the video.)

Where was I?

Yes. I was thinking that on a quasi-regular basis, I would do a Mr. Linky involving parenting advice. Just what has worked for you. Because after reading 2736 books on parenting, I have learned 90% of my best tips from other mommies.

So this Friday, I am going to ask this question: What is the best advice about parenting you ever received?

I like this question because you can answer if your child is 4 or 40.

On Friday, you can either link to your blog post answer, or leave a comment.

Sound fun? And if you have any ideas for future questions, leave me a comment here.

Ok, I am going to go torture my husband with some webbing now. Because I am the original SpiderWoman.



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