Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Giveaway time!!

This one is awesome, y'all.

First I have to tell you who these peeps are.

I have a real friend named Amanda. Real as in, I get to see her almost every Sunday, which is a blessing because Amanda is the coolest. Amanda has a real friend named Gillian. I got to bloggy-know and pray for Gillian last year before her son Joseph, who was Eva Rose's age almost exactly, went home to Jesus. Lately Gillian and I have been emailing a lot, and now Gillian is a real friend. One that unfortunately I don't get to see. And one who happens to be pregnant and for that I am THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF, even if she is so fatigued she can't see straight.

Gillian has a sister, Lynn. Lynn sells stationery and other cute paper products here. And that, my invisible friends, is where you come in, because Lynn has a giveaway!! (insert Oprah-esque squeals and applause!)

Lynn is giving away 50 calling cards (as shown below) or 50 mommy cards, your choice. The calling cards make great gift enclosures (you can get kids' names on them too.) Mommy cards are business cards for mommies, so that when you meet that other cool mom and you want to give her your cell, you don't have to set down a squirming toddler and two lunchboxes and a nap mat and your keys and dig in a diaper bag for a crayon covered with Desitin and the sticky remains of a cough drop. You just whisk out a cute card with all your stats, and for a brief and shining moment look like One of Those Mommies Who Has It All Together. I have some myself and, when I remember to put them in my purse, they are fantastic.

Here's what you get to choose from:

Could those be any prettier?

Y'all might should listen closely to these instructions:

Go here to Lynn's Store,

Browse a spell and then come back and leave a comment that says what your favorite item is.

I will select a winner on Saturday.

Have fun!!


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