Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Next mom carnival topic - Bring on the Bragging

I want y'all to brag about your kids.

Really. I want you to be that totally obnoxious mother who thinks her child walks on water.

Because you know what, we all KNOW that 75% of the time - give or take a few percentage points depending on the child - your precious offspring is driving you up the wall.

I know that if I asked you to list their faults, you could go on for a whole dinner and dessert. (It's okay, in a few years they will be at dinner with their friends listing all our faults, never fear.)

But I think that we moms sometimes, out of fear of being "that mother", don't say the good things about our children. Out of modesty we might even be deprecating when someone gives us a compliment. For example, someone will say "Eva Rose is so smart" and I will answer, "Yes, and she knows it." or, "Yes, and she has a little mouth to match."

I need to stop doing that. I need to just say, "Yes, she is. She is amazing. And your child has the best manners."

Because they are listening. And what their mommy and daddy think of them is the most important thing in the world right now.

I heard someone say once, if we don't brag about our children, well then, who will?
(Well, aside from Grandma.)

So, let's say next Wednesday, come back, and link up here, and brag away.

Some of you might be in a patch with a teenager where you need a few days to think up something to brag about - so get busy. And then have that child read your post and see what happens.

Some of you might have a two month old and you want to brag about how well she blows little spit bubbles - we so get that, and you must include photos.

Get ready to get obnoxious. And spread the word.
Let's get some bragging going on in the blogosphere!


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