Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walker is out of town. Need I say more?

Happiness is: Women's retreat this past weekend with an awesome speaker whose talk totally aligned with Piper's Spectacular Sins.

Sadness is: business trips.

Happiness is: discovering an amazing Thai place that delivers.

Sadness is: leaving the leftovers your mother-in-law packed up for you in the car all night.

Happiness is: having The Office on the DVR for over a week in anticipation of your husband's return when you can watch it together.

Sadness is: intending to delete Word Girl, and deleting the long-saved and much-anticipated Office episode instead. Honey, I am so, so, so, so sorry.

Happiness is: Kindergarten Roundup.

Sadness is: Kindergarten Roundup.

Happiness is: a hiphop artist who reads Jonathan Edwards and works the theology into his rap songs. And Piper's voice!! Unbelievable. Get the podcast interview here.

Uhn - soLI deO GloriA uh

Y'all, I am now hip hop.


Peace out.


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