Thursday, April 9, 2009

While you were sleeping

Hi y'all.

I just have a bunch of swirly thoughts running through my brain now so I shall list them and invite you into the tornado that is my cerebrum. Hunker down in the cellar. Except we don't have cellars in Texas so just look for a centrally located bathtub.

1. I have to go to a funeral tomorrow. My oldest dearest friend's dad died on Sunday. Very unexpected. And the fact that he is the exact same age as my parents isn't helping. I feel like I should be able to pull out some profound post about attending a funeral on Good Friday, but it just ain't happening.

2. I am glad Leah has schooled me on how to behave when friends lose parents. Because, crimony, it has been happening a lot lately.

3. Maggie has been waking up at the butt crack of dawn lately. The story of the Naptime life is that, as soon as one kid grows out of some blasted sleep issue phase, another kid picks up the slack. Since the time change, I have been awakened every morning in the DARK by Eva Rose poking me in the cheek. POKEPOKEPOKE. It's so endearing. She finally quit that last week. And now every morning a teeny little blond thing tiptoes in my room and says HI MOMMY. When I say, Get back in bed! It says SOWWY MOMMY and toddles out. It's cute, in a completely annoying kind of way.

4. This morning it was okay though, after begging God to let me fall back asleep, I actually started praying. And God delivered. Got some major Missy/God bonding this am. In the dark. The dark dark dark. Which is where God seems to always speak to me the loudest. Thanks, Mags. Kind of. Thanks God. Lots.

5. Hello, my name is Missy, and I am addicted to Paperback Swap. There needs to be a 12 step program to get me off of it. Because we have. enough. books. already.

6. Hello, my name is Missy, and I am addicted to The Other Boleyn Girl. It's like, The Real Housewives of King Henry's Court. But educational. Not that Real Housewives of Orange County isn't educational, because I have learned me quite a few things from the Bravo Network, yes indeedy I have.

7. I miss my mom. She is currently spending my inheritance on a river boat on the Danube and I wish she were here to do the funeral thing with me. She has this penchant for being out of town when people die. She was in Mexico when my grandpa died. Walker and I picked her up at the airport and had to tell her that 1) her dad had died and 2) Walker and I were engaged. Both of which were quite a shock to her. Especially number 2 since I had been dating Kevin when she left. And she was only gone ten days.

8. I don't watch American Idol. I know that makes me un-American. But I just kind of tuckered out about three seasons ago. So sue me. Because suing is very American and then I will feel patriotic again.

9. Tonight I saw a teeny tiny 2 week old baby getting her diaper changed in the bathroom at the funeral home and the oxytocin that washed over my brain almost made me woozy. We had four friends give birth last week, three on one day! Clara, Charlie, Judah and Lily. Welcome, sweet things. I think I might could be getting the baby bug. Maybe.
Nah, there it went.

10. You know the only thing more fun that going to a wedding where all your friends are? A wedding where all your friends are where your friends are the band! That happened to us on Saturday. These are our very dear friends. They are very amazing. The only time they did not play was to make room for Abba. Ninish years ago, when our friends Rene and Jonathon got married, all us girls ended up on the dancefloor doing this spontaneously choreographed dance to Dancing Queen, and we have done it at every wedding ever since. We all get in a circle and the bride stands in the middle and we dance around her while she swirls in her big white dress. When I got married, it was one of the things I looked forward to the most about my wedding day - having my girlfriends dance around me to Dancing Queen. Carolyn was the queen on Saturday.

11. Another tradition my girlfriends and I have is to do a brunch on Good Friday. One of us teaches a lesson and then we round-robin read the story of Christ's passion. I remember the first time we did it, and Tracy Jo sobbing when she got to the part about them beating Christ. It gets us to focus on what the day means, which makes Easter especially joyful. I tried to organize it this year, and it just wouldn't fall into place. Well, now I know it is because during brunch tomorrow, I am going to be at a funeral. God knew.

Babies, weddings, funerals. That's the cycle, isn't it?
What a week.

Have a blessed Good Friday, as our hearts long for Sunday.


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