Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Y'all ready to bring out your inner That Mom??

(If you want to know the reason for the this, click here.)

I get to go first. Tee hee!
Get out your barf bags, because my kids ROCK.

Shepherd at 5:

We read a long time ago that your first born is your best investment, because they will have such an impact on the other children. And we have remarked many times how blessed we were that Shep was our first off to spring. Or spring to off?

He is such an amazing kid. Sweet, loving, affectionate, slow to anger, quick to apologize. Easy.

And he has a heart for Jesus like I can't believe. Shep is constantly making up songs and singing to God, and asking some stinking tough theological questions. I am not exaggerating when I say he knows more theology at 5 than I knew at 25. God ranks right up there with dinosaurs and monster trucks on the list of his most interesting topics. I see already how this rubs off on the other kids.

He's also funny, which is good because we would have to kick him out of the family if he weren't. Sorry, rules are rules. Shep is Senor Malaprop, and the words he comes up with are hysterical. And his reading? I am so proud of his reading.

Shep inherited my spicy tongue - when he was two he called salsa "soup" as he drank it out of the bowl at Mexican restaurants. I recently introduced him to Tabasco and it has completed him. He is a total foodie and that makes my heart sing.

He has the best sense of rhythm. He plays drums ridiculously well: white boy can play that funky music. He has some engineering vibe not inherited from either parent, and the things he is building now with Legos and Bristle Blocks are already way beyond my skill set. Hoping that someone will someday be able to fix things around here.

And his eyes - oh, his eyes. I swoon.

Evangeline at 4:

Two words:


At six months, she said Momma and Dada. At eight months, she added Uh-oh. By ten months, she said ten words. At 11 months, if you asked "Who made you?" She pointed to the sky and shouted, "God!" She was a language freak of nature.

She still is. The words and syntax and analogies and metaphors she uses completely astound me. She is going to be a writer, it is obvious. She just has such a command of the language, she won't be able to help it.

She is sweet, helpful, passionate, 100% girly girl, and absolutely in love with her baby brother. She and Shep are the best of friends and have the most special relationship. And Maggie? Well, she fully believes she is Maggie's second mother, but we're working on that. When she just chooses to be her big sister, she is very loving.

And her budding fashion sense?

Makes me so proud.
She's already way cooler than her momma.

Magdalene, at 3:

Ah, Maggie Belle. Pure joy. Ray of sunshine.

Maggie is just sugar. Almost always happy, when she is upset she bounces back so quickly. Silly, loving, dancing, prancing, giggling, artsy, messy, kissing, twirling.

Delightsome. Delightsome Mags.

I really wish that we were somewhere where Maggie could start bringing home the bacon, because I never knew what it meant for a child to be "a natural" until I saw her perform. If we were in LA, I would turn into the most obnoxious stage mom evah.

The opposite of Eva Rose in every way, including speech. She has a pretty severe speech delay and now she is finally starting to talk - actually, shout. Everything is shouted. So while she was already hysterical, now she is even funnier.

Ingram, just turned 2:

And perfect in every way.

Adored, loving, hugging, running, falling, truck loving, hitting, fit throwing, problem solving, and ALL. BOY.

And did I mention perfect in every way?

My child is eating the breakfast of champions: muffins and pork rinds.

Okay, your turn!!

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