Sunday, May 17, 2009

Funny, the husband? Did not buy a thing

I shall start my Mexico recap where all great vacations begin - with the shopping.

Lately I have been nesting up such a storm, if I didn't know any better I'd be shopping for an EPT. (But believe me, I know better.) I have cleaned out every closet in this house and actually put away my winter clothes, something I have not done since we got married and I spent the next few years supporting Liz Lange.

My closet organization technique comes from Clean Sweep, the most inspirational show on TV next to Mamaw and Pawpaw's show. I always keep a couple of Clean Sweeps on the DVR and on the days where I just feel like sitting on the couch in my jammies drinking coffee and facebooking while my children destroy my house, I fire one up. By the time the guests are fighting for their stuffed animals (who knew so many grown women have such expansive collections of stuffed animals? TV is so educational) I have an insatiable urge to organize.

And whoa, lucky for me, the opportunities to organize in this house are ENDLESS.

My own closet was last on attack list. After channeling my inner Clive, the closet was stripped bare, then I kept/tossed/donated for a good two days. After which I beheld the glory of a organized closet of spring and summer frocks and my heart was filled with awe and delight.

Until I realized something.


Visions danced in my head of walking along a Carribean beach, hand in hand with my beloved, long flowy skirts trailing in the wind. Kinda like a feminine hygeine commercial. Except, not at all like that. Let's call them gypsy skirts. That's much nicer. Problem is, last summer short flowy skirts were all I bought.

Oh my word, it is so hard to be a mujer.

I had seen some advertised in the Target flier that fit the flowy feminine hygeine commercial gypsy bill, but they were on sale for $26. Let me know if you have ever had this fantasy conversation:

Hello, Target? I understand and respect that you have gotten much cooler and cuter in the past few years. However, I feel the need to remind you of something. You're TARGET. If I want to pay $26 for a skirt, I will do so at a place different from where I buy my toilet bowl cleaner and diaper wipes, okey dokey?

Or is it just me?

So on Saturday afternoon, I headed to the most exciting thing to hit my side of town since our new HEB: a new SteinMart. Where I was sadly reminded of something.

Soy muy baja.

I'm so short.

I know it seems that I have to be reminded of this a lot. I get a smack-remind when I try on a beautiful skirt and instead of looking like a gypsy ready to walk on the beach, I look more like Laura Ingalls ready to milk the cow in a blizzard.

After many Laura's I did find one Gypsy which was beautiful (and less than $26)

And I have a message for SteinMart too: I want every pair of shoes you sell. Unfortunately, I have the feet of an 80 year old woman, so many of them are out of the question. But these will leave some nice footprints in the sand:

My grandma had gold lame' house shoes, with pointy toes no less, but I repressed that memory. Now I just have to hide these from my daughter.

SteinMart has the most fun accessories, so I got these aretes:

And at the checkout I found out there was a coupon so they were even cheaper than I thought. Dios mio!!!

My goal was to avoid the mall if possible, so from there I headed to Marshall's, a huge fat disappointment. Finally I landed at Ross.

Oh, Ross, why oh why did I ever go anywhere else?

Because even though it is a little, um, ghetto, every week is Pretty-Flowy-Gypsy-Beach-Wear Week at Ross. And cute clothes at bargain prices can cover up a multitude of sloppy display and surly salesclerk sins.

First off: pink. Oh, pink, how I love you:

some tank tops, including this one, for $3.99 each (Target tanks: $8.99. Right next to the Kotex.):

I love brown, I love lycra, I love this:

This little '80s swimsuit cover up:

And the grand finale!! How cute and beachy keen is this?

Last time I went on vacation, I took my makeup in a tupperware. Like leftover chicken. Problem solved, and solved so cutely:

I also got some new bras, because you know buying new bras can be so uplifting.
(HAHAHA I crack myself up.)

Every single thing I bought was $9.99 or less. Ca-ching!!!

Friday morning, very early, off to the aeropuerto. Me in my new pretty gypsy-walking-on-the-beach clothes, and very cute hat I found deep in my closet. My husband, in a ballcap, old shirt and old shorts that didn't even match.

Mars and Venus head to Paradise.

Notice the dark circles under my eyes, the look of exhaustion, because it's all about to disappear...


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