Sunday, May 15, 2005

Giveaway Policy

I would be delighted to offer giveaways to my readers which would be of interest to my target audience: Christian women, majority wives and mothers, ages 25 and up. Daily readership typically ranges between 500 and 1,000 readers, including direct hits and subscribers.

My giveaway policy is as follows:

1) I do not do product reviews without a giveaway.

2) In most situations, an item should be sent to me first so that I can honestly recommend it. This item will be for me to keep.

3) I will write about the item on my blog. Please provide me with photographs that I can use in my blog post. Typical giveaway guidelines require that the reader browse your website and leave a comment about the product which they admire the most. You may also wish to include a discount code for other readers to use.

4) Within a week, I will choose a winner (or more than one winner, as you prefer) using a random number generator on this website.

5) I will provide you with the winner's name and address. You will then ship the item directly to the winner.

Past giveaways I have done can be seen here.

Please contact me at itsalmostnaptime @ gmail . com for more information or any questions.

Thank you!


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