Friday, May 15, 2009

A great cloud of grannies awaits us

Eva Rose and I were driving today and she began asking me about my grandma.

My grandma was The Greatest Grandma Who Ever Lived. She lived on a farm in deep East Texas and she made the best light rolls and fried pies and fried okra and, well, fried everything, and on Tuesdays she took us to the bowling alley and bought us pizzas and then to the Piggly Wiggly and bought me a Tiger Beat magazine so I could indulge my Donny & Marie addiction. She filed her nails in the Woods New Hope Baptist Church every Sunday ("even though it might be a sin", she'd whisper) and loved us all ferociously. Although I am pretty sure she loved me the best.

Eva Rose: What was your grandma's name?
Me: Verna. Verna Lou. But everyone called her Vernie.
Eva Rose: So where is she now?
Me: She's in Heaven.
Eva Rose: So when I die I will get to meet her?
Me: Oh yes. And she would have loved you so much. She's gonna be so happy to meet you!

She paused a minute, and then she said, "I have a lot of grandmas in heaven, don't I? Hundreds of them. Maybe thousands of them! All waiting for me!"

Wow. "Yes," I told her, "you do. You certainly do."

I'd never thought of that before, have you? We have hundreds of grandmas in heaven, all waiting to meet us. And someday, we will meet the thousands of grandchildren that will come after us.

How amazing is that?

And I thought, sweet Joseph is up there right now, getting spoiled rotten by hundreds - thousands - of grandmas. As if Jesus weren't enough!



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