Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Missy's rambling ramblies

1. We just got home from Flight of the Conchords. I'm sure it was funny. But from the worst seats I have sat in in my entire life, I could barely tell. Honestly. We got altitude sickness just walking up to them. Jerome and Brett were little ants, and we couldn't hear half the show. And these tickets were not cheap, y'all. Balcony A at Jones Hall = Just Say No. The parts we did hear were hilarious, but. Rather a bummer.

2. After that lame experience, my date took me to Birraporettis downtown, where we had escargot, which I was actually dreaming about while straining my eyes and ears in my very lame very expensive seats in Balcony A of Jones Hall Just Say No. Birraporetti's has a few memories attached to it because when I was in high school, it was The Fancy Place the boys took you if they were really trying to impress (The Other Fancy Place being Benihana.) Now, I think it is a slight step above Olive Garden but back then, whoa. Easy tiger.

3. However, the Fanciest Place a girl could be taken was the Spindletop, which was on top of the Hyatt downtown, and the restaurant turned around. I remember being very disappointed that it turns very slowly, as we expected a whirling dervish. My friend Nicole and I took our dates there once after our Christmas dance at our high school (they went to another all boys school.) Nicole's date, Mario, didn't feel well, so he didn't eat, so her bill was only $15, and $5 was a Perrier. That became a big joke, "And $5 was a Perrier." A big joke because my date, Richard, decided to take full advantage of the Sadie Hawkins situation, and ordered so much food that Nicole had to slip me a ten under the table.

Wonder what became of Richard. Maybe he's on facebook. I should send him a bill.

4. I am thinking about baby names. I am getting a teeny, tiny bit of baby fever. I mean, it's still very small. But enough for me to think about baby names, which granted, doesn't take much. For a boy, I like Hosea. I got to thinking about Hosea throughout the whole last season of Top Chef and by the time he won, I was completely sold on it. My other boy name I came across while reading Exodus. You ready for this? Jethro. Yes. JETHRO. I honestly think it is the coolest name. If you can get past the Jethro Tull and Jethro Clampett references, it is a very cool name. Biblical. Manly. Jethro. I like it.

Maybe he'll like swimming in the ce-ment pond.

Let's face it, I will never get past the Beverly Hillbillies references. We'll call Mags Ellie May. Maybe we'll strike it rich with some bubbling crude. Oil that is. Black gold. Texas Tea.

5. Couple weeks ago at a wedding my friend Leah had on really great gray eyeshadow and it inspired me to completely change my look. Problem is I am cosmetically challenged. So how excited was I to find this Loreal makeup which is basically eye shadow for dummies. It's numbered and even has a diagram on back. Even I can do that! Next time you see me, check out my Rich Smokey Eyes.

6. Ike said Up this week, and he said Truck today. And he counted to three. As the mom of a speech delayed kid, I'm a bit thrilled.

6.5. Giveaway - Linda is giving away a whole lot of books for Mother's Day over here - hop over quick because it ends soon.

7. I spent a very long time tonight videotaping my mom making Southern food so that I could post it on this blog. And now I can't seem to find the videos on the computer. If I can't retrieve them tomorrow, I shall cry.

8. Tomorrow's my birthday. I am 39. Which is 11 years away from 50. Which makes me hyperventilate.

So on that note, let me haul my old creaky bones to bed.


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