Friday, May 22, 2009

Focus, Ethel, Focus

I have told you before how much I love, love, love Seeds Family Worship. My children can probably recite 30-40 bible verses right now and get this - I can too. And this brain? This brain that has to fake half my recognitions at church? And, um, in at home? Well, that's a huge accomplishment.

I just downloaded about 8 new ones off iTunes. You know, "for the kids". Between Seeds and the LPM scripture memory which I am SO BEHIND on but have to join up now because of the big ole event in Houston that of course I MUST attend because hello, I've been a Tuesday Night Girl for 1/4 of my life (I almost typed 1/3, but that was fantasy youth math) - okay, but I digress. Focus, Ethel, focus.

(My friend Shelly used to do home health and was working with an old couple once and the husband kept telling the wife Focus, Ethel, Focus so I tend to tell myself that a lot.)

My point:
Let's just use some bullets to get right down to it:
Cause that's why they call them bullet points:
And colons:
Or should we skip the colons? Tell me, should we have a colon cleansing?
(Oh, my skull, I CRACK myself UP):
Here goes:
  • I love Seeds. My kids love Seeds. You will too. If you have kids, of any age, they will too.
  • Marci from Finding Joy in the Journey is doing a giveaway of Seeds. Yea! So go enter here.
  • If you don't win it, and I hate to tell you this but statistically you probably won't, I mean, the truth hurts, I know, I am still dreaming of a Dyson from Shannon, so once you find out you didn't win, go on over to iTunes and download you some, or order a CD from here and they will send you an extra that you can giveaway on your blog!
  • Speaking of giveaways - I am going to have my best one yet next week. Stay tuned.
Okay. Over and out.

I'm headed here with several girlfriends.
I know, I am being crazy spoiled lately.

OH - and:
  • and, you know what, if my Continental OnePass miles are good to me, I am also going here in August to see one of my heroes, Kay Arthur. (And another one of my heroes, Annie Downs.) Wanna come???


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