Thursday, June 11, 2009

Five Things

Greetings Faithful It's Almost Naptime Readers,

This is Walker, Missy's husband du jour, coming at you live on a half-shell.

I sincerely hope that you are all doing well.

We just got back from house hunting (Missy undoubtedly will blog about this soon. Hint: Walker needs more crawl space) and capped the evening off with some scrumptious Thai food.

The restaurant had a fish tank and one particular little fish for some strange reason was performing this incessant, odd, wiggly vertical dance. Missy was so worried for this "obviously distressed" pisces that she got up out of her seat and tapped on the glass and pressed her face up close to ogle the little guy. Eventually, through her concerned exertions, the fish snapped out of his condition and resumed regular fish-like activities.

I think Missy was feeling some guilt about Buxton (R.I.P.).
I called her "The Fish Whisperer".

Anyway, it came up in conversation on the way home that I have a theory that everyone has Five Things that they feel strongly that every other human should like, or at least, appreciate. These are fundamental things that bring universal joy. If someone expresses that they don't like or appreciate even one of the items on my list, I begin to question their very humanity.

Here are mine:

1) Sunshine
2) Ice Tea
3) Steve Martin
4) James Taylor, and
5) Cheese

So, I want to hear what some of your Five Things are. Comment away.

- Walker


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