Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Captured blessings

On Saturday, we took family pictures. I am SO THRILLED with them.

A family friend, Katie, on a leap of faith, just quit her job to pursue photography full time. I think you will see that she has what it takes to do this. Her blog is here (where you can see some very cute pictures of my niece Miss H.)

I have a penchant for discovering amazing talent like this lady and this lady when they are still green, and, um, affordable. Then by the time I call them again, their sitting fee is more than my light bill. (And in Houston, land of year long air conditioning, light bills ain't chump change.)

Katie is my latest discovery. Okay, I have to give credit to my sister-in-law Stephanie for actually discovering her, but now I am outing her to the world.

If you're in Houston, snatch her. Snatch her up quick!

This is our first time to get photos as a family. I have hesitated to do that because I don't believe our family is yet complete, but I wanted pictures of the kids and figured we might as well jump on in too.

You know, back in the old days when I only had one or two children, I would think about what they would wear for portraits for weeks. But when you add a couple more offspring to the mix, the prior weeks-long-ponderings turn into midnight-the-night-before-oh-crap-moments.

I love the family photos where everyone is all dressed up in white sundresses looking beautiful, and Dawn had just facebooked some gorgeous photos she had taken. So I lay in bed and panicked about where I could run and get matching outfits on a moment's notice.

But the more I thought about it - and prayed about it, cause I bug God about everything - the more I thought, that is so not us. We are not the matched, clean, perfect family. I don't even allow white kids' clothes in this house.

I wanted to capture who we really are, who each member of this family is in June of 2009.

Which means:
  • Walker: the goofball dad in Birkenstocks
  • Missy: comfortable clothes, having a bad hair day, circles under the eyes
  • Ike: precious, messy, obsessed with his cars (we even took one of him throwing a tantrum)
  • Maggie: the wood nymph, hair always a mess, barefoot, communing with nature
  • Eva Rose: in a princess outfit and wearing her momma's shoes, with a Barbie in hand
  • Shep: obsessed with guns, and ever since he met (and fell in love with) P on a playdate at Big Mama's house, utterly obsessed with hunting. (He got very angry with me for not allowing him to dress like a ninja - but I had to draw the line somewhere.)

So, here we are...more photos of us than anyone other than a grandma would ever want to see.


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