Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guilty and blessed

On Sunday, my husband and I rushed down to the Apple store and bought ourselves some new iPhones. The next day I sent an email to all of our friends announcing with pride and joy that we had added two new members to our family.

I have been intending to blog about how in love I am with my new iPhone. About how it is about the most exciting thing to happen to me in recent memory that did not involve an epidural. About how I actually risked being struck by holy lightening today when I said, "I can do all things through my iPhone which strengthens me."

But then tonight, I started clicking around on the internet and came across this post and felt incredibly, incredibly convicted.

Because, you see, I have been intending to sponsor a child through Compassion for months now. I have started the process several times and then for some reason or another did not follow through. Then the economy turned south, then it looked like Walker might lose his job, then then then then then.

Walker (with a lot of wifely input) even wrote the scripts for some commercials for Compassion, including this one. (Notice her name.) Still didn't sponsor.

But the minute that we found out that a $99 iPhone 3G had been released, we raced our behinds to the Apple store, economy be darned.

Two iPhones cost as much as six months of sponsorship. Not to mention the monthly fees, which I don't even want to think about.

So today, I, a selfish sinner saved by grace and convicted by the Holy Spirit, would like to tell you about the true newest members of our family.

Oliverio is from Guatamala. He was chosen because he was born on the same day that Shepherd was, only worlds apart. He likes to play games.

Tahili lives in Mexico. Eva Rose picked her out. Tahili just turned five on Saturday. She likes playing with dolls and running, and she has no father in her life.

Thank you, Father. May we be a blessing in your children's lives.

Bonus - no epidurals necessary for these new babies either.


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