Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I guess this counts for seven thousand words

My brain is just running on empty. I have no words. So I thought I might do a photo editorial of the past week or so at the Naptime household.

Today the kids (sans Ike) and I met my friend Carol at Hermann Park for the Houston Symphony's Sounds Like Fun, where they have the "Instrument Petting Zoo."

Or, the "Greater Houston Bacteria and Virus Share-a-thon", whichever you want to call it.

Afterwards, we rode the choochoo

and then the kiddos rolled down the hill at Hermann Park, both of which are Houston kid traditions.

As is stripping down to just your Nemo panties and running through the water fountains. Right? No? Well, no one told Maggie that!

Speaking of, Maggie Belle's hair is so so SO in need of a haircut. It's time. It's beyond time. It is a rats' nest and there is usually a good bit of oatmeal or jelly stuck in it. But as I have a really difficult time taking my girls in to cut off their curls, and because Maggie looks like such a mess all the time anyway, I haven't been proactive about it.

I was finally ready to suck it up and chop it off.
And then I discovered Swiss Miss.

How stinkin cute is she with those braids? How can I ever cut it now?

The ragamuffin lives on.

This just cracked me up.

And yes, that is my very own Donny Osmond doll. Antique Donny Osmond doll. Who is evidently a big hit with the la-dies.

Speaking of, Shepherd is at the age where he is very into guns and policemen and bad guys and so on and so forth ad nauseum. To feed his law enforcement fascination, my mother bought him some toy handcuffs, which, of course, he never puts away after he plays with them.

Last week the housekeeper came. She cleaned our bedroom. And then she put Shep's toy where she evidently thought it belonged -

At the foot of our bed.

Now I just need to learn how to say, "Now Senora, we have too many little children to have that kind of energy, please put these in the playroom" in espanol.


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