Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Add that to the list

It is already midnight and due to the fact that there has been some kind of drama between my laptop and my printer, who despite my best counseling attempts are still not speaking to each other and thereby enabling me to print off my grocery game list, I am still up. So I might as well blog, right?

Invisibles, get this. Tomorrow (later today, actually) all my children will go to Mother's Day Out.

All of them.

ALL my children.

All FOUR. Of MY children. Will be gone. All day. All of them. Gone. To MDO.

For the first time in almost six years, I will be (exhale) kidless. Not only tomorrow, but Wednesday too. And - ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?? Thursday too.

I am seriously just so beside myself, I don't even know what to do.

What will I do, y'all?? How will I fill the time between 9am and 2pm for THREE days in a row?

Well, to keep myself from sitting on the floor, staring at the clean silence with a big goofy grin on my face, wiping (my own) saliva off my (own) chin, I made myself a mighty long to-do list, oh yes I did.

First off I am going Krogering, I am going Krogering in the broad daylight, alone. All alone.

(I also need to go to Costco, but I put that off till Wednesday, so as not to overstimulate myself.)

I am gonna make some phone calls that I have been meaning to make for, oh, a month or so now.

I am gonna return some library books that are, um, like two weeks overdue. Three? Maybe it's three. Two and a half. Whatever. They're late.

I'm going to get the chicken out of the freezer to defrost for Wednesday's dinner. Oh snap! That's why they call me SUPERMOM.

What else will I do to occupy my time??

Hmmmm. Let's just take a stroll around the Naptime house and see if anything needs to be done...

Well, that, of course. There's always that.

Oh, joy. I can make toys magically disappear!!

Those Target bags. I bought that stuff at Target. And set the bags on the table to unpack later.

That was about three weeks ago. Maybe I could do that now.

See the flower baskets next to them? Do they look a little festive? I got a fantastic deal on them. Right after Christmas, I got a fantastic deal on them. Maybe they should go up in the attic now.

Only, if they go, they will no longer match these:

The beautiful Christmas wreaths still hanging by the fireplace. Maybe I should take them down. But maybe not? I mean, Christmas is only six months away! (The big one is real, y'all. Very impressive.)

I guess I could also do something about those bags on the hearth that are full of maternity clothes. Since my baby is, you know, two.

If I got through all that, I could start on the stack of mail in the foyer.

Feeling a little overwhelmed.

Did I mention they are going to MDO next week too?

Maybe tomorrow I'll just take a nap.


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