Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little Wednesday link love

Mom fights off cougar to save toddler from attack
That's what I'm talkin about!

Every momma of little ones needs to read this. Really. Now.

Shopping for kids bedroom furniture? Get ready to get starry eyed.

My new friend Ashley. I leave her blog open just to listen to her playlist. Seriously, I need her to make me a mixed tape. And girl has bow-training down.

This is what happens when you you send the wrong size pjs to your mother-in-law - who has a blog. Oh well, he got some cute new ones from Target out of it. Hmmm...she said deviously.

Jackie is working on my new blog layout! And I am so excited that I have to resist bugging her every 10 minutes to ask if it is done yet.

Rosann always sends me emails like this one: "Remember rocker-chic "Leather Tuscadero" (Suzi Quatro) from Happy Days? Here is her 70's soft rock alter-ego. Aww, what a cute couple they make." Between her and my husband, I am blessed with an almost daily bizarre and random youtube.

And, just in time for Father's Day - beautiful.


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