Monday, June 29, 2009

A sad and desperate cry for help

We have no activities this week - no MDO, no VBS, nada.

We are all together 24/7. Alldaylongeveryday.

And can I just go on record, just be the bad mom, and just go ahead and say it, just not be ashamed to admit that my kids are ON MY EVER LAST NERVE?

Oh my skull. The fighting. The bickering. The hitting. Seriously, the hitting? What makes you think you can just clobber a little sister because she snatched your playdoh? What are you, a sociopath?

The backtalk. The door slamming. The door leaving open. The whining. The tantrums. The asking repeatedly who Michael Jackson was.

On top of that, someone is having some issues, and let me just say, I feel like I am house training a puppy. Which is reason number 32,387 why I don't have a puppy. To avoid the carpet stains. Which I have been Folexing off a once pretty Pottery Barn rug all day today.

OH - AND - GET THIS - Maggie decided to drop her nap this week. Great timing.

It has been bad enough for me to have at least two tearful conversations with my baby daddy about how I am obviously a horrible mother because I have THE most unruly undisciplined children on the planet, and for him to very sweetly remind me that they are off their schedule, they are off their routine, they are actually kinda cute, and no we don't know any exorcists.

Part of the problem - a big part - is that we are trapped inside the majority of the day because THE HEAT INDEX HAS BEEN HOVERING AROUND 108 DEGREES.

So I am calling on you, Moms. Help a mother out.

Give me some new ideas.

PLEASE tell me what to do with these kids - indoors - before we all lose our minds!!

ps - did I mention I am pms'ing? Or was that obvious?


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