Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Those of you who are not new know that I got a beautiful blog makeover a couple of months ago - can I say how much I love my little owls??

Well, Naptimers, guess what....Jackie at Memories By Design, who gave me my new blog do, wants to give you a makeover too. Yippee!!

She is offering a full blog design giveaway - Package 1 (you can upgrade with her if you want)
She'll include 10 istockphoto credits.

Listen up y'all - the winning blog has to be a hosted by blogger.

If your blog is already fabulous, you can gift someone else - or -- ooo! -- maybe you could get a Christmas design!

All you have to do is go here, and then leave me a comment noting which of the blogs in her portfolio you thought was the precious-est (if you do not my follow directions, I will have to disqualify you, keep you in from recess for a week, and schedule a conference with your parents.)

I was gonna say, if you don't have a blog be sure and leave me your email, but if you don't have a blog...then...well, I'll just say it anyway.

I will choose a winner on Monday.


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