Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not move-in ready

Oh, laud, I am a busy busy woman.

We decided to list our house and it's like, a paint job here, a knob screwed there, here a paint, there a knob, every where a paint knob...Old McMissy had a cow, EIEIO.

Ah, memories. Ask Eva Rose about the precious memory above. She was only two, but she will tell you what happened: "Mommy got real, real, real mad and threw me in the baby crib and made me take a nap."

After priming away the Sharpie, I spent several hours rubbing a WD40 pen along Maggie's wall art.

I know you now have Shelia E in your head - me too. She wants to lead the glamorous life...

Tomorrow I shall spend several hours trying to remove toothpaste footprints from the carpet. Toothpaste footprints? What's that you say?

Shep informed me, "They're clues, Momma. Clues. So Shaggy and Scooby can solve the mystery."

I bet the carpet cleaners charge more than a Scooby snack to make those ghost prints disappear.

There is a reason why I have catapulted myself into homeshowing hades. We need a bigger house. With more bedrooms.

We need a bigger house with more bedrooms because....


I told y'all womb service was closed!!

We need a bigger house because my husband has informed me that we cannot begin the process to adopt a baby from Ethiopia until we move into a bigger house.

Feel free to pray our house sells.


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