Thursday, July 30, 2009

When three year olds act like computers and computers act like three year olds

I have been working on a post for two hours. And you know what? THIS AIN'T IT. Because I have been fighting with my stinkin computer all night. And now I have that clenched jaw, achy shoulders, frustrated, want to throw something feeling that only comes from a fight with a rebellious hunk of plastic.

It it the second time today I have had that feeling.

Earlier today, Maggie and I had our first real fight.

She stood up, pointed at me, and said, "I am three years old, I am issuing a declaration of independence, I absolutely WILL NOT pick up the barbie dolls on the playroom floor, I don't care how you discipline me, I don't care what you threaten, I WILL NOT DO IT. Not only that but the whole time I am giving you the toddler equivalent of flipping the bird at you, I will cry and scream and look very pathetic so that even in the midst of your extreme irritation with me you will feel slightly guilty like you are torturing my very little soul and scarring me for life."

I AM the Calgon woman.

Without the Calgon.

Advil, take me away...


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