Tuesday, August 11, 2009

blessed and greasy, greasy and blessed

French fried starchy carbs are one of my love languages. I never met a fried potato cutling (I just made up that word) that I didn't like. I even like the frozen ones you make yourself. Okay, I especially like the frozen ones you make yourself, because you can season them up with paprika and pepper as much as you want and even feel a teeninitzy less guilty about it because they aren't as fattening as the real fried variety of potato cutlings. Because they're baked. In your own oven.

My husband, who had a late meeting tonight, is not a huge fan of the potato. (Had this been brought up in our pre-marital counseling, I am not sure we would be together today, but anyway.) Therefore I was rather shocked by what I found when I came home tonight after taking all four children to Galveston all by myself for the first time ever. All four. By myself. First time. Ever.

Yes, I do feel like I deserve a ribbon or an add-a-bead or something.

Or maybe - maybe just some leftover baked Walker specialty salt-cayenne-curry seasoned French fries, with a very sweet and very greasy (even though they aren't as fattening) note attached.

And then later when he got home, he said, "Don't we have a Design Star on the DVR that we need to watch?"

Oh, no, you can't have him. I'm never letting him go.


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