Friday, August 7, 2009


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(Y'all, sorry this is going up a bit late. Someone kept me up ALL NIGHT LONG Wednesday night so my mommy mojo was way off yesterday. But praise the Lord and pass the Tylenol PM, I got a good night's sleep last night. It is amazing what sleep can do for mom skilz!!)

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Faves!!

Write a post on your favorite perfume, and link up here below. That way other people can pop over to your blog. Be sure and link up to the specific post's url, not your blog's url. To put the button on your blog, copy the code above.

Okay. So here are mine!

I have to say that, I go back and forth on the whole perfume thing. I am trying to pare down our use of chemicals, so depending on what I have read recently, I might be boycotting perfume. But then a couple weeks later I am back on board - because I am a smell girl, after all.

So when I am in the latter phase, these are my faves.

I admit it. I love Lauren. I have been wearing it since 1982 and it still is my favorite. But I have moved on to this

because Safari is like Lauren for grownups.

All the Ralph Lauren perfumes have serious Staying Power. I have a horrible affliction that has caused me much pain in my life: my skin does not like to retain perfume. Boo. Aside from Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder, very few stick.

But if I could fine my favorite green monogrammed sweater that I wore with a turtleneck underneath it with Jordasche jeans and Sperry topsiders, it would still smell like Lauren.

Alas, I am out of both. Hint, hint.

Currently, I am wearing these:

Kenneth Cole: I found this someplace random, like Marshall's, and I LOVE it. Staying Power of 10, and I get tons of compliments.

Body Shop perfume oils: this one is Oceanus. I wore this on my honeymoon, so every time I smell it, I instantly feel happy and in love and skinny enough to wear a bikini.

Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber: yum-my. In the same genre as Lauren, but way cheaper. Much more wintry than summery.

Banana Republic Malachite: I bought this one to be my summer scent. It smells great, but Staying Power? Pfffft.

Okay, your turn! And also - leave me some comments with future Friday Faves ideas!


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