Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday Faves

Thanks for playing the Friday Favorite Perfume, y'all! That was fun and really made me want to go out and spend a lot of money on chemicals!

I have been thinking about the Friday Faves and suddenly, my brain started exploding with ideas. I praise you, Lord, for revealing your glory in creating caffeine.

I am gonna go ahead and list them all so you can have them in the back of your mind. Ya ready? If you think of more, please let me know!

August 14: Favorite websites (not blogs)
August 21: Favorite music in your car right now
August 28: Favorite room in your home
Sept 4: Favorite songs you sing to your kids (good one Jennifer)
Sept 11: Favorite old hymn and favorite modern hymn/praise song
Sept 18: Favorite shoes you own and favorite shoes you wished you owned
Sept 25: Favorite grownup restaurant
Oct 2: Favorite makeup/beauty product
Oct 9: Favorite TV shows
Oct 16: Favorite kids' TV shows
Oct 23: Favorite online store/etsy shop
Oct 30: Favorite candy!
Nov 6: Favorite kids' toys
Nov 13: Favorite Thanksgiving recipe
Nov 20: Favorite recipe for leftover turkey and/or crockpot recipe
Dec 4: Favorite Christmas tradition
Dec 11: Favorite Christmas carol
Dec 18: Favorite gift you ever gave someone else


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