Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday GG

Almost once a week my mom comes over and spends the night. As soon as she walks in, Ike does a screaming happy dance, then the kids attack the plastic bags she is always carrying, pulling out poptarts and Fiddle Faddle and CocoPuffs and lots of other chapsticks and handcuffs that they don't need from the dollar store. Later she takes all of us for Mexican food. At bedtime, the children fight over whose room she will sleep in. The loser weeps.

The next morning, she wakes up with them - all four of them - while Walker and I catch a little more sleep. She makes them cinnamon toast or contraband poptarts. Then she sits at the kitchen table and the girls all put on their makeup.

They look awful.

And they love it.

After that, she might make princess wands and crowns.

Or even better, she will often fold all my laundry.

My children are so incredibly blessed.

And so am I.

Love you GG!!


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