Monday, August 3, 2009


A while back, I posted about why my husband is not allowed to go to the grocery store unchaperoned.

But last week we had a computery-notebook adapter or some such something or other issue. I tried to resolve it myself and ended up getting the wrong thing, because just as Bodily Sustenance, Medicating Any Ailment Real or Imagined, and What Shoes Match What Outfit are my areas of expertise, Computery Thingy Situations are his. So off he was sent to the WalMarts to resolve our techinical difficulties.

He returned with the required hardware, and this.

And although this will earn him at least a six month expulsion from any place with a cash register because hello? Thirty dollars?? I must admit, when it comes to the swimming pool created on my bathroom floor each night by four dirty splashing kids, the ShamWows are indeed shamtastic.


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