Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too soon

Three of my babies went to their new preschool yesterday. Ikey went for the FIRST TIME. He squirmed out of my arms and did that little over the shoulder wave like "yeah, yeah, see ya Mom." Sure, I was glad that he was not like one of his poor little classmates, whose poor little mom cried in the hallway as each of his screams thrust a dagger into her guilt ridden heart, but sheesh, he coulda acted a little sad to say goodbye to the one who bore him and all.

But next week is the BIG first - because this baby

starts kindergarten.

Which makes me go, how on earth did this happen??

So if you see me next Monday, I will probably be the mom in the hallway looking like this

as I let him go, when all I want to do is hold him and stare at him

with wonder and gratitude at what an amazing little boy God has given me.


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