Saturday, August 1, 2009

When bloggers breed

Yesterday we had a little playdate at Chez Naptime.

My very dear BFF Beth came with her three boys, and my brand new friend, like really we met on my driveway, Ashley, who I can already tell is going to be a BFF because, y'all, we bonded.

Here are the combined offspring (sans my Maggie, who is currently being spoiled rotten at her Mimi's)

Eva Rose was so psyched to have a playdate that actually involved girls. She, Lily and Maggie clicked instantly because Lily and Maggie had on a little top that Eva Rose has, and of course had to change into. It's from this exclusive little store we all shop at called Tar-jay Boutique.

Like minded fashionistas=instant buddies.

The mommies were not dressed alike so we bonded over birth stories.

Labor/adoption=instant buddies.

And in the plastic box Shep is holding? About thirty snails. It never ends, y'all.

The baby boy on the right is Sam, whom you last saw here when he was itty bitty new. Look how big he is? And he is adorable. Baby Cash and I also fell in love. If you saw that baby's fat rolly thighs - oh, it made my ovaries quiver.

How much do I love getting to meet other bloggers??

On that note, a few of us are planning to plan (ie, procrastinating) a Houston Bloggy Meetup soon. Whoo hoo! Let's get summer over and school started first so we can focus Ethel focus.

But if you have any ideas for a good place to do it, please leave it in the comments, because we are having a brain freeze on that spe-ticular logistical issue.


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