Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another game of Pretend We're at Starbucks

I have nothing worth anything to write about. Zippo.

So here comes some rambling.

1) After today's news, I am ever so thankful that I don't live in a lanhat d plagued by tsunamis. That is just frightening. The 2004 tsunami upset me so much, that to this day, whenever I am at the beach I picture all the water receding and then I imagine where I would run, and which children I would grab, and which ones Walker would grab.

Speaking of, I had a dream about that tsunami three days before it happened. I dreamed I was in a hotel with a big balcony that was many stories up, looking out over the beautiful ocean. Suddenly there was water floating over my balcony, and I was very confused because I was too high up for that. Then I saw a baby floating by and tried to grab it...and I saw furniture floating, and then I woke up.

When I later saw all the home video from the tsunami of water flooding over hotel balconies, it freaked me out. I actually felt guilty about it. Really guilty because I know it is rather unbiblical to be p-sychic (pronounce the p). Walker finally told me that a) it wasn't like I had asked for the dream and b) nor had I set up a 1-900 number and changed my name to Miss Cleo and started charging my friends $3 a minute to read their ice tea leaves, either.

I felt better after that.
And I have yet to predict another international disaster.
Which is just fine with me.

2) Last night was Ears and Nails night. After their bath, I cut all the kids fingernails and toenails, which amounted to 80. That's a lot of nails, huh? I also q-tipped 8 ears. Which was gross but incredibly cathartic.

3) Tonight Walker said, "Do we have any Real Housewives of Atlanta to watch?" Dear God, I love that man.

4) We - okay, I - moved all the bedrooms around last week. Eva Rose had been sleeping in Ike's room, and Maggie had her own room. I moved the girls together and moved Ike into Maggie's old room. Which means I disassembled and reassembled his crib. All my myself. (I hope you are clapping.) I also went through every single stinking thing in both closets and switched them all out. It was a HUGE PROJECT. For which I am VERY VERY PROUD OF MYSELF.

Problem is, now we are dealing with the girls sleeping together consistently for the first time. This part has not been fun. I have circles under my eyes to prove it.

5) My friend Rebecca and I are starting a little consignment business for boutique children's clothes. This was begun partly because I made about 25 cents on Orient Expressed this year and partly because I am too lazy to put the girls' old stuff on ebay. So if you are in Houston...here is the info. Clean out your closets and/or come shop. I think it is going to be very fun. And hopefully will make a little ca-zash because international adoption? Not cheap.

That's all I got. It ain't much.

NeNe and Kim, here we come...don't be tardy for the party.


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