Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Faves - Favorite Restaurant

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Now I said favorite grownup restaurants so as to distinguish from favorite kid restaurant, because we all know there is a big fat difference in the criteria.

We are some EATERS in this house. So I have to break it down into categories:

Favorite restaurant to go spend a whole lot of money at on a date where you absolutely would not dream of taking a kid much less four of them: Mark's.

It's funny because we have only been here a couple of times, but everytime we mention it to each other, we get that dreamy far-away look. Mark's is in an old church so even though I feel a little sacrilegious about that, it makes for some very cool ambiance. Ahhhhh, Mark's. How I wish we could partake of the bread and wine there more frequently. Walker's second favorite would be Perry's.

Favorite Chinese take-away: Pei Wei, hands down. Blazing Noodles, how I love thee. If only they had soft spring rolls, they would be perfect.

Favorite Mexican: Pappasitos. It's just as good as it gets. Second, much cheaper runner up (and awesome for the kids, not that it matters, because we're not talking about kids): Berryhill. Best take out Mexican: Freebird's (I married an Aggie who looks for an excuse to Freebird it.) Mexican that everyone in Houston thinks is the bomb and for the life of me I can't figure out why because I have not once been impressed: Lupe Tortillas. Sorry, I know you probably love it, I just. don't. get. it.

Ever since we moved here we have been searching for the Cheap Local Dive That Serves Amazing Tex-Mex For Mere Pesos. Six years later, stiiiiiill lookin. (The Diarrhea Eat House does not count.)

Favorite Place to Meet Up With Girlfriends: Cafe Express. Various Cafe Expresses around Houston are filled with Missy Memories. Probably because it is counter service, so you end up sitting there and bonding for hours, not feeling guilty about camping in a waiter's table, which is exactly what I did last week with six of my favorite girls. That and the pickles/sundried tomatoes/chickpeas/breadsticks/olive bar, which completes me. And the fact that you can serve yourself all the refills you want of Diet Coke so I leave there so wired from hours of conversation and caffeine that I can conquer the world.

Best Sandwich: HEB Central Market's Cafe on the Run.

Best steak: Taste of Texas. Yummy cinnamon coffee too.

Favorite Latest Discovery: Pizza Fusion - oh yum. Gourmet organic pizza and $7 a bottle wine? Yes please.

It is sad to me that so many of these are chains. Like I said, I really, really try to find locally owned mom-and-pop places that rock my world. For the most part, when I go to these places, my world stays very static. Disappointing. If you know any in Houston, please share!

What about you?


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