Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Faves - Momma Sings

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Today's Friday Fave is "Favorite Songs You Sing to Your Children."

Mine are good. Real good.
Prepare to be jealous, I'm just warning you.

I remember when my first precious little new baby boy came into the world, and I would stare at his beautiful face with tears running down my cheeks as I sang

Ode to Shepherd
music: Frere Jacques

I love Sheppy, I love Sheppy
Sheppy Poo, Sheppy Poo
From his little no-ose, to his little to-oes,
I love you, I love you

His sister came along only twelve months and ten days after he did, so I really didn't have much chance to create another masterpiece. I did jazz up the last line a little though.

Ode to Evangeline
music: Frere Jacques

I love Eva, I love Eva
Eva Rose, Eva Rose
From her little no-ose, to her little to-oes
I love you, boop de boo

You have to admit that last line changes everything.

By the time Mags arrived 15 months later, I totally had my musical mojo back.

Ode to Magdalene
music: Winnie the Pooh

Magdalene Belle, Magdalene Belle

Pretty little, silly little Maggie Belle
Magdalene Belle, Magdalene Belle
Pretty little silly little girl

Although I think my best Maggie melody came a couple years later. Go here to see the lyrics. You're heart will be touched - you'll probably cry.

Another baby, another song:

Ode to Ingram
music: Mary Had a Little Lamb, kinda

Mommy loves this baby boy, he's his mommy's pride and joy!
Mommy loves this baby boy, she loves him so so much

If he is being tickled, I bust out with this Grammy winner:

Ikey, wikey boogah bear
Boogah woogah sugah woogah boogah bear

percussion accompaniment supplied by a raspberry on the tummy.

Lately his theme song has become Ikey wikey doodle all the day.

If I'm go with something someone else wrote, I stay close to Jesus Loves Me (the alleluia version), I Love You a Bushel and a Peck, which my mom always sang to me, or our family theme song, Waves of Grace.

I have to say that recently I played the new Christy Nockles in the car and Shep said, "Mom, she sings just like you!" Boy is way deluded but it sure did make my day. I slipped him a fiver and drove along my way.

Okay, mommas, what are your's?

Next week's Friday Faves: Your favorite old hymn and favorite modern hymn/praise song


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