Monday, September 21, 2009

Memory lane

Last month my Uncle Roger gave my mom a CD of photos of my brother and me when we were kids. Which is pretty exciting since my mom only believed in taking about 12 photos a year of us.

I have already taken 311 photos this month.
And it's only the 21st.
Guess I just love my kids more.

Stroll with me down Memory Lane...

Baby Missy:

Looks a little bit like another baby girl I once knew:

The addiction goes way back.

Baby Missy with my adored cousin Martha in our front yard.
My mom still lives in this house.

Yes, I fell out.
Look at that car! Sheesh, I feel old.

So many captions, so little time.

Trips to Austin:

Jay and me waiting for the train at Zilker Park in Austin.

Uncle Roger used to take us to climb on this train in Austin - it was always the highlight of our trip. I wish I could take my kids but it's not there anymore.
We loved it.
Although it did smell like pee.

At the top of Mt. Bonnell, where er, some people went in college to make out with their boyfriends. So I, um, heard.

Swimming at Barton Creek,
which in case you have never been is C O L D.
And during the 70s, they had nekked people laying out in a special area behind the bathrooms.
Oh yes they did.
You don't forget things like that.

During my Jane Fonda period.
We keep trying to suppress these photos, but they keep popping up,
so I'll just address it. I was young, I was passionate, I wanted to make a statement.

On my grandparents' farm:

It kills me my kids don't have grandparents with a farm.
Some of my best memories took place in Woods Post Office, near Tenaha, Texas.

More quintessential Tenaha shots:

Shootin' beer cans with BB guns, and shellin' a mess of peas.

Not the most flattering photograph of little Missy.
But I sure would love some of those peas now, with some cornbread, and some tomatoes from the garden...

Christmas at Grandma and Chester's.
Notice I am reaching for a bible, because even at 2,
I was unbelievably holy.

I am not sure what is going on in this photo,
but I do remember that I loved this carpet.
I still think it's kinda cool.
I could make it work.

Okay, y'all, the shoes.
I was only three but I remember I hated those shoes!
Let's just go ahead and call it what it is: child abuse.

The dress: adorable.
The shoes: more abuse!
No wonder I only wear open toed mules now.
I was scarred for life.

I saw John Cleese once at the Vatican,
and he was wearing those same pants.
True story.
He was writing a postcard. It said,
"They call this guy the Pope. He wears a funny hat."

Back in Houston:

My parents had this couch and matching chair on top of their shag carpet, and it was the coolest furniture on earth. We called it the Star Trek couch.
If had this now, I would decorate my whole house around it.
Or, maybe I'd sell it for bajillions on ebay.
One or the other.

The lion fountains at the Houston Zoo.
Cute, but that water was stan-ky.
The other thing I remember most about the Houston Zoo was the fake arm they had in the snake house that was all black and swollen from snake bites -
after I stuck my head and drank the stanky lion mouth water, I would stare for a very long time at the black swollen fake arm.
Good times.

Now I'm just gonna grab my kitty cat, stick six barrettes in my hair and call it a night.


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