Friday, September 18, 2009

Revealing God's girly GIVEAWAY

Last week I asked Eva Rose catechism question number 3: Why did God make you and everything?

She answered: To reveal his girly!!

The answer is glory, actually, to reveal his glory. But I had to laugh because indeed, when the Lord created Eva Rose, he certainly revealed his girly side!!

In honor of Eva Rose and all things girly, we're doing a giveaway of some of the cutest, girliest clothes I have ever seen!

Sallee is the creater of It's Poppy Dip. And she is also the mother of gorgeous 3 year old Esther, who came from Ethiopia. I found her when I while obsessively reading Ethiopia adoption blogs, my new pasttime.

Look. how. cute.

Don't you want one??
The dress and a precious Ethiopian girl?
Oh, my word, me too.

It's Poppy Dip is giving away either a short sleeved poppy dip dress like this:

or a pair of pants, like this:

The giveaway will be in your choice of size (12m - 7) and fabric. ~ This does not pertain to Christmas fabrics that say available 9-22 ~

Here's what you have to do:

Go check out the clothes at Poppy Dip.

Look at the fabrics here.

Come back and leave a comment listing your favorite fabric, which is going to be hard, because they are all so cute.

If you don't have a blog, then be sure and leave your email. I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

That's all! Have fun!


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