Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday Faves - Favorite online/Etsy shop

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I am alive, y'all. I have just been on a little unplanned bloggy break. Partly because Walker was out of town all last week and oh my word, it takes me about a week to recover from that. Partly because I got all the adoption paperwork from Gladney and I have vacillating from being lulled to sleep by the endless drone from the printer to having a heart attack over the task before me. And partly because I just haven't had much to say, believe it or not.

So, now, Friday Faves: Your favorite place to spend your money on the internet.

I need y'all's help on this one. The majority of my online purchases are books from Whoopdedoo, I just don't shop too much online. Mainly I guess because I am a touchy-feely shopper. I need to caress before I can commit. (That's what she said.) (Sorry, too much Michael Scott.) (giggle.)

So help cool me up. Who's irresistible? From where can the best Christmas shopping be done via the comfort of your own butt? If you have your own online store, here's your chance to toot your own cyberhorn.

Next week's Friday Faves: Favorite candy!! Yum.


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