Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just imagine what they could have done with a little Final Net

I have a book called Exploring the New Testament World by Albert A Bell, which is one of my favorites in our little library. So much of the bible can be better understood when put in the proper cultural context. This book does a fascinating job explaining the difference between Pharisees and Sadducees and Zealots, and just how the Romans governed Judea, and what Jesus would have eaten for breakfast.

And how Mary Magdalene might have worn her hair.

Which we all know is just as crucial as understanding the benefits of Roman citizenship. And perhaps holier.

The other night I came across some paragraphs regarding the very important aforementioned topic. Did you know that when wealthy women had busts of themselves carved and displayed in their homes, they had detachable marble wigs that could be updated as the styles changed? Because she wouldn't want her friends saying, "Oh my Zeus, Flavia's statue's updo was so. BC. Girl needs to get in the millennium."

Listen to this from Mr. Bell:

The Romans' attention to grooming began early in the morning. Women devoted great care to arranging their hair in the latest style. Aristocratic women had slaves who specialized as hairdressers....References in the Talmud indicate that this fashion was followed in Judea. Jewish women wore such elaborate hairstyles, involving braids and hairpieces, that according to the Encyclopedia Judaica, "it was forbidden to undo a women's hairdo on the Sabbath because it involved the transgressions of 'building' and 'demolishing.'"

HA! So much for Texas big hair!! From now on, we'll call it Ancient Jewish Big Hair. Or Early Christian Big Hair.

Which confirms what a lot of y'all already knew: the higher the hair, the closer to Heaven.


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