Friday, October 2, 2009

Testing testing...Philippians 4

So today officially begins it. We sent our application to Gladney, and this morning we did the phone interview. Now we need to fill out a longer application, and begin a huge gigantic paperchase that will result in us getting a baby girl or a baby boy - tentatively named Bethlehem (Beth) or Gideon (??) - in Spring of 2011.

After we fill out that longer application, we will write our first check.

Today Judy from Gladney went over the costs for us. First $300 here, then $660 here, then $2,225 here, then $1,550 here, ad nauseum...and I got a little lightheaded. After the phone call, my emotions ranged from giddy with anticipation to dizzy with panic.

Only an absolutely crazy fool would look around at our too small for us, messy, damaged home full of very young children, and say, "Let's go to Africa - AFRICA - and get another one. No clue how we're gonna pay for it. But there are orphans who need families - and family is the one thing we've got. Let's do it."

I am that fool.

And let me tell you, with tears in my eyes, how my soul praises the Lord I am married to just as big a fool. A fool who holds my shaking hands and says, "God's gonna provide, baby. No worries."

For as long as I can remember, it has been my soul's desire to do only three things: get married, have babies, and adopt orphans.

How blessed am I that in Walker, God has given me not my soulmate, but my Spirit mate.

And what just occurred to me is this: this adoption will cost almost exactly as much as our wedding did. Oh, how the Lord encourages me!

Let's do it.
No worries.
God's gonna provide.


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