Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tonight I uploaded all the photos from my iPhone - all 331 of them. Here are some highlights.

Add VideoOne day I picked the kids up from mother's day out, and as we were leaving, the sprinklers came on. Much to their delight.

After the frolicking ended, I was loading soaking wet kids into the car and turned around to find, standing in the parking lot, a naked Maggie.

Shocking, I know.
I drove the five minutes home scared to death I would get pulled over by a cop and have to explain why I had a butt naked 3 year old strapped in her carseat.

Shepherd experiences pain in his chest wall sometimes, so we did some tests to make sure it was nothing serious. It isn't. But seeing my baby hooked up to a heart monitor sure made me count my blessings.

Korean BBQ date with my man. YUM. Delicious and the chance to play with fire.

Shep, at my mom's, posing like a gangsta thug. "Yo, touch my beanie babies and I'll cap ya."

Angry Maggie.

Couple months ago we met some friends at the zoo.
At the fountains, guess who did what:

Final night of VBS. I was so shocked to see my son dancing, I had to document it:

A serious case of mad cow disease:

Meeting (and falling in love with) Rosemary for the first time:

Thank you, Lord, for hand sanitizer.

My friend Tracy Jo, in town on a break from med school in Florida. This is the pose Tracy and I perfected several years ago at a wedding. You turn your back to the camera, then turn toward each other, then look over your shoulders.

I tell you what/verily verily I say unto you, it is the most flattering way to take a photo. Double chins and pooches magically disappear.

Puppy sitting, in an attempt to give my sons their dog fix without actually having to commit to a canine:

A boy and his bug:

I hired a personal trainer this summer and during our last sessions, we took photos so I can do my own workouts. Here I am in a plank. Sixty seconds, baby.

And now that I see how tight those pants are on my badonkadonk, they will never grace the Y ever again.

Sissy's birthday trip to Toys R Us:

Texas babies know exactly what to do with their chips:

The beautiful and precious friends of our supper club, at Cafe Express, plus Mrs. K.
We're getting C out of the house, as her daddy's quick death from cancer was the heartbreak of our summer:

We call it the Who's Pregnant Supper Club, because between us we have spawned 17 babies, so far (and C's due date is tomorrow!)

Sissy looking extra cute on the way to church:

A gorgeous day in Beth's backyard:

which is a sure sign that summer has officially ended.


  1. Cute! A naked child in a carseat made me think of this morning.

    The 3 year old girl I nanny (who hates underwear) while on the way to piano today said "You know what's weird? When you don't wear underewear and you sit in your carseat and there are crumbs and it itches."

    The 5 year old (also a girl) and I CRACKED the heck up. I said, "Elle, sometimes you are so weird" (totally true- the things this kids says- I could write a book. I've watched/nannied for a lot of kids and this one beats the band). And she, without missing a beat- and TOTALLY serious- said, "I'm not weird. I'm adorable." Touché.

  2. LOVE these. I think Maggie and AJ are kindred spirits. The day they join forces? The world will tremble under the weight of their nakedness and determination.

    Love Walker's face in the BBQ pic.

    And MISS! You look HOT in that workout pic! Maybe Walker might like a print of that shot to keep with him on business trips? Hmmmmm? Seriously, your arms are rockin.

    Thanks for the tip on the Perfect Picture Pose.

  3. Had to laugh at the Tx chip-eatin' baby. All of mine know exactly what to do, too!

    Great pics and update. Thanks for the posing tip. Will try it ASAP.

    That and the plank, cause, UGH!

  4. Very fun post! I loved the pictures from Clay's.

  5. You're kidding, right? Those pants do not look tight at all - your badonkadonk is making them look GOOD. :) I have a sudden urge to go Shred with Jillian now, 'cause mine looks nothing like that.

  6. i'm with jackie...those pants...tight? oh dear, mine must be a glove!

    i am so trying that photo pose next op i have! awesome!

  7. Lots of fun and lovely photos but I thank you especially for the posing tip as I have recent chin and pooch issues.

  8. For a minute there, I thought you were Jillian Michael's. I think I may secretly despise you now that I know you can hold a plank for 60 seconds and look that good at the same time.

  9. Ok... so... do you mind if I highlight your blog on mine? Is that stalkerish? Your honesty is so refreshing for us "normal" moms (seriously, my friends and I have discussed your site in depth), and I'd like to share the wealth with my readers. Whatd'ya say?

  10. Of course Brandy! I don't know how that boring post could have inspired you, but go ahead! :)

  11. Don't take this the wrong way, but this is the 2nd time I've seen a photo of your kids buckled in less-than-greatly, with the straps slipping off their shoulders and the clip lower than it should be (armpit level). I know you were only driving 5 minutes home, but if you did get stopped by a cop you might have more to worry about than just the nakedness. Or worse, if you got into an accident. Sorry, car seat safety is one of my passions I guess. Please be careful :)

  12. What a great set of pics!! You lead such a wonderfully full and rich life, girl.

    Love ya!



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