Saturday, November 14, 2009

But for now, my down comforter and 14 pillows are a-callin

I remember when Shepherd was first born, I would hold him in my lap and gaze at his beauty. I delighted in every squeak, every gas smile, every jerky little hand motion to his angelic face. I could stare at him all day.

After about two weeks of this, my husband glanced at our precious creation as I inhaled another hit off my son's silky head. Then Walker yawned, stretched, scratched, and asked, "Soooo, when's he gonna get fun?"

Aghast, I cried out defensively, "What do you mean?? He is the most fun thing ever! Did you hear that burp? Did you see him try to suck his thumb yesterday? He is SO! FUN!"

Walker shook his head dismissively. "Nah. Seriously. When's he gonna get fun?"

I think my husband would agree that now, six years later, his son has fully achieved Fun Status. Because at this moment, they are in Bastrop State Park getting their Father/Son/Father's Best Friend From High School/Father's Best Friend From High School's Son Bonding Fun On.

And just as I felt a sweet stirring in my heart the first time Eva Rose and I went shoe shopping together, I believe Walker is having A Moment.

It all began with a trip to REI last night for supplies (if I find the receipt, I have said I will not look at it) while I washed the sleeping bag that has been sitting in our garage for lo these seven years, and a borrowed backpack (mean wife would not allow an investment in a new one until circumstances proved that camping would occur more frequently than once a decade.) Then, early this morning, they were off into the wilderness.

I have seen several facebook uploads like this one

and received one phone call, describing a meal of freeze dried lasagna and lots of giggles. "Are you having fun?" I asked. "Momma, I'm SPAZZING!" Shep assured me. I can only imagine.

I would say I wish I were there, but that would be a big fat lie. Yours truly is way, way, way too attached to indoor plumbing and white noise machines to be an outdoorsy kind of girl. I'm an indoorsy, hot showering, DVR watching in air conditioned comfort type of girl. And not ashamed to say so. As I flush my Cottenelle Ultra far, far away.

While the boys search for trees on which to pee, the girls and I have a mission. And a challenge.

For as my husband reluctantly lugged the many, many, many boxes of Christmas decorations down from the attic late last night, he declared, "I bet I come home and you haven't done jack. I bet all these boxes are still sitting right here unopened."

All right, Mountain Man, I'll see your decorations and raise you a load of laundry.

Here's the current status (excuse the crummy iPhone pix, my camera is currently sleeping under the stars):

The dining room:

The living area:

The kitchen table:

And oh, heaven help me, the garage:

I've miles to go, but I CAN DO IT!!
I am the little Christmas tree that COULD!!

Check in for an update tomorrow.

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can...


  1. Ohhhh girl. You've got your work cut out for you! There is no time for sleep!!!

    You've got to get your Wife Who Has Something To Prove to Father Who Is On A Father/Son/Father's Best Friend From High School/Father's Best Friend From High School's Son Camping Trip... on!!!

    Wait... what?


    I can't wait to see the holiday-tastic results. My parents always MADE us wait until at least Thanksgiving to decorate, no matter how much we pleaded. Y'all are great parents.

    Happy decking of halls!

  3. I'm with Walker. Every year is a little more fun than the one before it (except that 14-20 month age - it is a golden moment in babyhood that cannot be topped for me).

    Decorating for Christmas now is such a good idea. But Walker's Declaration would definitely ring true in my house - it would stay in the box for a few weeks. Hopefully you'll be more proactive than I would be.

  4. Have fun!! You have a lot of work ahead of you. We just put up our tree on Thursday. Crazy, I know. :)

  5. You go, girl! I'll have to post pics from my boys' similar outing a couple of months ago (but that was with two 4 years olds and two 2 year olds... and, accordingly, only one night of camping). Let's just say a rather large log bazooka was used at one point...

    You can do it, you can do it!! :)

  6. I too am a indoorsy kind-of girl and not ashamed. Maybe we should start our own club because I'm alone in Charlton's family on this one.

  7. I love the motivation to wow your husband when he returns. Or at least prove him wrong. that works for me sometimes...challenging myself to get the place straightened before he gets home with the pizza...stuff like that.

    I hope it works for you...cause you took on a biggie! Blast the Christmas tunes! Enjoy!

  8. you GO girl! Deck yo-bad-self some halls!

  9. Thanks for posting the real-life photos of your garage and living area! I have two friends who are organized, Martha Stewart types (and still wonderfully sweet and kind, I hasten to add!), and I always feel like my house looks like a bomb just went off. :o) Thanks for keeping it real!

    Oh, and if you didn't get around to the decorating . . . just tell your husband that you had an attack of principles (these particular principles being that you want to make sure to remember the purpose of Thanksgiving, and not crowd it out with Christmas decorations, etc., etc.)
    -- Nancy

  10. A father-son camping trip is a great idea. How wonderful to hear that they are really enjoying themselves.

    Your decorations look great and remind me I haven't started yet, so you've got me beat! Good luck. You can do it.



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