Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Faves - Best Toys for Kids, In Case Santa Should Ask

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I am coming out of my unintended bloggy slump to do today's Friday Fave's because I really do want to hear your answers on this before I get my Christmas shopping on.

A note on Christmas shopping. Here is my advice: if you go to Target one day round mid October with only a clueless two year old for company and feel oh so proud of yourself for knocking out half your Christmas shopping, be sure and get the loot out of the back of the car. Because when the kids find half their Santa toys on Halloween, it puts a massive kink in your ever so impressive plans.

Back to toys.

I can tell you the ones that have stood the test of time and torture at the Naptime household. Really, Fisher Price, Little Tykes etc should use us as a test market. If it can last two weeks in this household, it is solid. Because my kids are de to the struct to the ive. Every stinkin one of them. Eva Rose is not as bad as the others, but even she tied every blind cord in the house together the other day. I know the blind cords are supposed to be kept out of reach. THEY WERE. But these kids have super powers. I am pretty sure Maggie can shoot laser beams from her blue eyes that will catch any toy on fire.

That would explain a lot.

And since we have children of all ages and stages, my favorite toys are ones that everyone can enjoy. It can happen.

Toys Which Have Withstood The Torture and Time Test include:

1) Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table

The thing is sturdy, the music is so cool and jazzy, you will sing along (onetwothreefourfivesixsevenEIGHTNIIIIINETEN!) which will impress your children, and they never, ever get tired of this thing. Shep played with it from the ages of 5 months to 5 years, when we lost the battery cover. But he would use the piano when he played "band".

2) Bristle blocks

Babies teethe on them, two year olds learn to manipulate them, and 6 year olds still use them to build cars and rockets and, of course, guns. Target carries a nice set by Parents.

3) Legos
This goes without saying, right? My brother used to build the most amazing cars while I built little stages with little Donny and Maries holding little microphones. And now, Shep builds the most amazing cars while Eva Rose builds little parks with little people playing in them. Although last week Shep came up to me holding a square built of Legos and asked if I had any wire. Why, I asked. For my bomb, he replied. So I guess he's graduated from guns now. We're very proud.

I also used to walk across my brother's legos when they were spread all over the floor and pretend I was walking across broken glass like some lady on TV used to do - what TV show was that??

4) Big Ole Box of Art Supplies

Recently I did a happy dance in a dollar store (it happens more than you might think) (I HEART dollar stores) (it's a sickness I come by honest. My mom will call me on the phone to rejoice over a newly discovered dollar store) because I found a huge bag of google eyes along with a plethora of other awesome doodads like popsicle sticks, seashells, colored straws, wires for bombs, pipe cleaners and construction paper. I spent about ten bucks and have bought my daughters and occasionally my son HOURS of creative fun. Independent fun. (Read, Mommy gets a break fun.)

5. Musical instruments

They never grow tired of them. You, however, will want to take the bomb wire and poke out your eardrums. But Christmas is a time of giving until it hurts, right?

Some good news: you can skip the kiddy drum sets. They all have a shelf life of about three days.

I know there are more, but it is 2am y'all, and I have a busy day tomorrow.

I've got preschool toys covered. I really need to know some great gifts for boys and girls ages 6 and up. Santa was last seen lugging this out of Costco. I think if Santa brought this, a certain little boy would faint. Any other suggestions?

Link away, Sister Santas...


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