Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday link love

So, I'm just gonna leave you with a little link love so I can, um, go finish some Christmas decorating.

Tomorrow is Friday Faves - either or both - your favorite Thanksgiving recipe, and or plus in addition to or your favorite leftover turkey and or plus by the way your favorite crockpot recipe. Because it's getting down on into the chilly 70s in Houston - oh yeah baby, it's crockpot weather!!

On to the links:

They say men think about s*x every seven seconds, but I have always wondered how they could actually get any thinking about college football or trying to recall Def Leppard lyrics if that were true

The Vatican recently produced an online visual tour that is absolutely stunning

This Thankful Tree is so cool (everything Kimba does is so cool)

I've really been enjoying these Ask Pastor John podcasts with John Piper

Speaking of podcasts: this my new favorite. Look in their 2009 archives for the one on motherhood

Preach on, Amanda

And last but not at all least, this will bless you.

The flames are hot, but their heart is chill...


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