Monday, December 28, 2009

How to take absolutely fantastic family photos with kids

Merry December 28!

How was it? Ours was fabulous, actually. One of the best yet. And it has taken me a good three days but I think I am recovered from it because this Santa gig wears. me. out. As soon as I can find the little cord thingy that connects the camera thingy to the computer thingy I will share some visual aids of the merryment.

Today Crystal asked me how we got such a "good" family photo taken, and I am here to share my secret. Because it took me a while to figure it out.

Here's what you do:

1 - Get the kids - and the husband - cuted up and go outside. While the best time to take a photograph is during the "golden hour" around 4pm, my kids look like deranged ragamuffins by 4pm. So we do our photoshoot first thing in the morning.

2 - Set your camera to the sports setting. Both my Sony Cybershot and my long lost Canon PowerShot (the only two lower-end cameras I know of that shoot quickly enough to catch newborn smiles) had a sports setting, for capturing play-by-plays of soccer pitches or football homeruns or whathaveyou.

3 - Instruct the photographer (aka GG) to aim and shoot and shoot and shoot. Just keep taking them as fast as he or she can.

4 - Tell the children to SMILE STAND STILL QUIT PICKING YOUR NOSE TURN AROUND I SAID SMILE QUIT HITTING HER COME BACK HERE QUIT WHINING LOOK AT THE CAMERA BE STILL OH FOR THE LOVE OF PETE COULD YOU JUST SMILE FOR THIRTY SECONDS SANTA IS WATCHING YOU GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH SMILE, all while keeping a natural looking, adoring, I-love-motherhood smile on your own face. Oh, and don't get so focused on the kids that you forget to suck in your gut, because you know you won't send out a picture where you look fat no matter how good those kids look.

5 - Hope that out of 20-25 shots, you will have one or two that are decent enough to present to the world. I then crop and fix the color and add text using Picasa.

Ta daaaaaaa

Easy as a root canal.


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